Cleaning Out Your Barn

Everyone that has farm animals understands the need to clean out the barn. It is amazing just how quickly animals can dirty things up! No matter the mess that is made, it is up to you to clean it up. Otherwise, you risk both bad smells and disease being spread in your barn. Below are some tips to help you get your barn clean.

The first step is to remove the animals from the barn. This will help to keep them from escaping while you are coming in and out of the barn. Remove all other things that may get in your way, such as their feed bowls and water buckets. Using your pitch fork or rake, remove all the large piles of poop that you can see, then remove any wet patches that are obvious.

Starting on one side of the barn, move with your pitch fork in a circular pattern and toss the bedding towards the other side, removing any wet spots or poop along the way. Be sure to dig deep so that you expose all the bedding. Continue the pattern until you get back to your starting point. The floor may be wet, so you should probably leave it for a few hours so it can dry.

After the floor is day, start pulling the bedding down with your rake so it gets back to the level it started at and covers the floor. You will probably have to smooth it out to level it. Add more bedding if you need to fill in gaps or the level is too low.

Another good idea is to take out all of the bedding once a month and do a deep cleaning. I bring in my guys that do power washing in Sugar Land, TX to give the floor a good cleaning after I have removed all the bedding. Put in new bedding for your animals, bring them back into the barn, and enjoy your hard work as you watch your animals bed into their nice, clean barn.