Chicken Rentals

Have you ever considered raising your own backyard chickens? Local farm supply stores sell thousands of chickens every spring. Unfortunately, these chickens often die before they are old enough to lay eggs. Parents discover that chickens are not house pets and children realize they are not as fun as they initially thought. The price to keep them grows more and more until the chickens are sent away. Others believe they don’t have the space to keep them, know what they need, or they worry about local regulations. All the considerations can overwhelm, so renting chickens has become a great way to take the guesswork out of having backyard chickens.

Places that rent chickens typically provide everything you will need to keep the chickens with the rental. You would generally get a couple laying hands, a portable chicken tractor, enough feed for your rental, water and feed dishes, and information on how to care for the chickens. The hinge should begin laying within two days of the rental starting. In general, with two hands, you should expect to get between 8 to 14 eggs a week. These eggs are much better for you than the one she can purchase at the store with twice the omega three fatty acids, one fourth less saturated fats, and one third less cholesterol. You also have the benefit of knowing what you chickens are eating.

If you decide to book a chicken rental, a date is scheduled for an affiliate to bring everything you need to your home. They were bring your hands, all the supplies they need, and your portable coop. A typical rental is six months long, giving you plenty of time to realize if you were meant to raise backyard chickens or not. After the six months, you can choose to adopt the chickens and their supplies if you wish. Otherwise, the affiliate will schedule a time and date to come pick up supplies in the chickens. You can do this year after year if you choose.

Renting chickens is a wonderful way to see if your cut out for raising chickens are not. It keeps you from having to commit to raising them before you are ready to. You can click here for more information on renting chickens.